Zinc Pyrithione Suppliers / ZPT

Zinc Pyrithione Suppliers / ZPT

Product Name:Zinc Pyrithione / ZPT

Brand Name:MOSV ZPT





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Zinc Pyrithione / ZPT Parameters


INCI CAS# Molecular M.W.
Zinc Pyrithione  13463-41-7 C10H8N2O2S2Zn 317.68

 This product can restrain and sterilize eight moulds, including black mold,aspergillus flavus, aspergillus  versicolor,penicillium citrinum, paecilomium varioti bainier,trichoderma viride, chaetomium globasum and cladosporium  herbarum; five bacteria, such as E.coli, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis,bacillus megaterium and pseudomonas fluorescence as well as two yeast fungi which are distillery yeast and bakers’ yeast. 


Spec. Industrial Grade Cosmetic Grade
Assay              %,≥ 96 48~50(suspension)
m.p.                °C≥240 240
PH 6~8 6~9
Drying Loss     %≤ 0.5
Appearance similar to white powder white suspension
Particle Size D50μm 3~5 ≤0.8


 The LD50 is over 1000mg/kg while giving mice oral administration acutely.

 It has no irritation to skin.

 Experiment of “3-genesis” is negative.



Period of validity



Avoid light

Zinc Pyrithione / ZPT Application

ZPT is a superordinary kind of chemic resistant to flake and abundant lips. It can effectively eliminate eumycete which produces dandruff, and result in relieving itching, removing dandruff, diminishing alopecie and deferring achromachia. Thus, it is considered as a highly effective and safe product. The value of the shampoo added with this product would be appreciated to meet the high demands from consumers. In such a case, ZPT is widely used in the production of shampoo. Besides, it can be used as fine, broad-spectrum and environment-friendly antiseptics to moulds and bacteria with hypotoxicity in public coating, mastics and carpets. The mixture of ZPT and Cu2O can be adopted as antifouling coating of ships to prevent adhering of shells, seaweeds and aquatic organisms to hulls. ZPT and other products of the same kind enjoy tremendous potential and broad space in pesticide field with properties of high-effect, environmental protection, hypotoxicity and broad-spectrum.


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