Zinc Ricinoleate

Zinc Ricinoleate

Product Name:Zinc Ricinoleate

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Zinc Ricinoleate Parameters


INCI CAS# Molecular M.W.
Zinc ricinoleate 13040-19-2 C36H66O6Zn 660.29564

Zinc ricinoleate is the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, a major fatty acid found in castor oil. It is used in many deodorants as an odor-adsorbing agent. The mechanism of this activity is unclear


Appearance Fine powder, white spongy powder
Zincion Content 9%
Alcohol solubility conform
Purity 95%,99%
PH Value 6
Moisture 0.35%


25kg / woven bag can be split

Period of validity



Store at normal room temperature. Keep containers tightly sealed.

Zinc Ricinoleate Application

1) In cosmetic applications, deodorizing means eliminating or preventing unpleasant odors. Zinc salts of ricinoleic acid are highly effective active deodorizing substances. The effectiveness of zinc ricinoleate is based on the elimination of odor; it binds unpleasant odorous substances in such a way that they are no longer perceivable. Can be melted together with the other oily components of the oil phase, preferably at 80°C/176°F. Emulsify as usual. Typical use level is 1.5-3%. For external use only.

 2)Industry field, Deodorant sticks or emulsion type deodorants.

 3)This product used in high-grade paint,  especially cheap paint, antirust paint has better-effect to use this product, the road marking paint will get more obvious if use this ricinoleic acid zinc fruit;Added by 0.5% - 0.5% in the coating.


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