The sales network

Richest group has experienced team with professional products knowledge, providing you best after-sales service, which win the customer's praise.

Our sales network include China mainland, South America, All Asia, Africa, Middle East, etc. We have earned good reputations in the line with over ten years efforts. The products provided by our company are widely used in many fields .

What Clients Say

I really want to cooperate with you, Because we have always been working under the principle of mutual benefit and respect for each other's choice.


This is what I like about you! everytime I see that you strive to do better - there is great desire for progress in you - great spirit to acheive something - i like that i love that attitude honestly.


You are among very few persons I am able to talk freely and work easily with thanks ! - i think sometimes that I get so angry and upset - but you manage me very well and just take care of everything - you are super!! really - I have not met another person like you in all of china and korea i tell everyone that my friend Iris in China is the best person I have ever dealt with - your are kind, honest and professional - I really admire you for that.



Team Elite

Our sales team consists of professionals with strong industry experience. As an innovative partner, we offer considerably more than just high-value products.

We support you in facing a multitude of challenges and offer you tailor-made solutions. These are coupled with our strong in-market presence, providing you access to the latest products and technologies.

Packing & Deliver

We have a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with professional freight forwarders and shipping companies, and our professional logistics department will coordinate the factory to deliver goods on time, properly pack, and insure against all risks. Finally, we strive to deliver the goods to customers on time and safely.