China Benzalkonium Chloride Manufacturers / BKC 80%

China Benzalkonium Chloride Manufacturers / BKC 80%

Product Name:Benzalkonium Chloride / BKC 80%

Brand Name:MOSV BKC





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INCI CAS# Molecular M.W.
Benzalkonium chloride 8001-54-5 C17H30ClN 339.96

Applications range from domestic to agricultural, industrial, and clinical. Domestic applications include fabric softeners, personal hygiene and cosmetic products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions, as well as ophthalmic solutions and medications that use the nasal route of delivery. BKC are also among the most common active ingredients in disinfectants used in residential, industrial, agricultural, and clinical settings. Additional registered uses for BKC in the United States include applications on indoor and outdoor surfaces (walls, floors, toilets, etc.), agricultural tools and vehicles, humidifiers, water storage tanks, products for use in residential and commercial pools, decorative ponds and fountains, water lines and systems, pulp and paper products, and wood preservation. The recommended or allowed concentrations of BKC in different products vary considerably according to the application.


Item Standard ( 80%)
appearance Colorless liquid
Active content % 80
Amine salt% 2.0 max
PH(1% water solution) 6.0~8.0(origin).


 200kg drum 

Period of validity



BKC can be stored at room temperature (max.25℃) in the unpened original containers for at least 3 years. The storage temperature should be kept below 25℃.


1.Water treatment : Used as bactericide, kill green,black spot and mustard algae;

2.Detergent: raw detergent materious;

3.Food additives mining, tannery,fertilizer, electroplating, dying, printing, precision casting etc

4.Oil & gas industry: strong biocide and algicide ability, to prevent pipe from being blocked and rusted.

5.Bactericidal and algal killer, the dose is generally 50-100mg/L.Clay peeling agent, use 200-300mg/L


Certificate of Analysis

Product Name:
  Benzalkonium chloride  80% 
Items Specifications Results
  Analysis   Light yellow transparent liquid   Light yellow transparent liquid
 Solid content (%)    80.0min   80.25
  PH   4.0-8.0   6.41
  Amine salt   2.0 max    1.14


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