Caprylhydroxamic Acid Supplier / CHA

Caprylhydroxamic Acid Supplier / CHA

Product Name:Caprylhydroxamic Acid / CHA

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Caprylhydroxamic Acid / CHA Parameters


INCI CAS# Molecular M.W.
Caprylhydroxamic Acid (CHA) 7377-03-9 C8H17NO2 159.22600

Caprylhydroxamic acid is an amino acid (organic compounds that are essential building blocks of life) derived from coconut oil. It is plant-based and non-toxic.

Caprylhydroxamic Acid (CHA) is an amino acid derived from coconut oil for its neutral pH and capabilities as a “fungistatic” agent. Also because it is an organic acid, CHA can only exert its fungistatic effect when the PH≤ 7. Its fungistatic principle is: CHA has high-efficient selective chelating action to Fe2 + and Fe3 + , through controlling iron ion and inhibiting the growth of molds. Iron is the key for microorganism growth, and the microorganism can capture Fe3 + from the environment and convert it into Fe2 +. CHA can prevent mold from obtaining iron by chelating Fe3 + , thereby preventing mold from growing.

CHA is a preservative and broad spectrum anti-fungal agent. It is thought to be a replacement to some traditional preservatives and parabens that are commonly used in skin care products including: Methyl paraben, Butyl paraben, and Ethyl Paraben. Caprylhydroxamic Acid may also function as a surfactant and emulsifier for shower products, creams, lotions, and cosmetic items. These are just some examples of the types of products it can be used in.



White Crystalline




99.0% min

Melting Point


Volatile matter

0.5% max.

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

0.2% min


 25kgs/ drum 

Period of validity



Store in a cool and dry place, in sealing containers and protected from light.

Caprylhydroxamic Acid / CHA Application

It's a gentle preservative that ensures product safety and longevity. In our Shampoo + Body Wash, Conditioner, and Lotion, we use caprylhydroxamic acid in combination with caprylyl glycol and glycerin to provide gentle, broad spectrum antimicrobial preservation. It also adds to the moisturizing benefits of the products! when combined with other natural glycols in our formulations, it provides guaranteed, broad-spectrum performance against bacteria and fungi.

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