Chlorocresol / PCMC

Chlorocresol / PCMC

Product Name:Chlorocresol / PCMC

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Chlorocresol / PCMC Parameters


INCI CAS# Molecular M.W.
Chlorocresol, 4-Chloro-3-Methylphenol, 4-Chloro-m-Cresol 59-50-7    C7H7ClO      142.6

It is a monochlorinated m-cresol. It is a white or colorless solid that is only slightly soluble in water. As a solution in alcohol and in combination with other phenols, it is used as an antiseptic and preservative. It is a moderate allergen for sensitive skin.bChlorocresol is prepared by chlorination of m-cresol.

Chlorocresol appears as a pinkish to white crystalline solid with a phenolic odor. Melting point 64-66°C. Shipped as a solid or in a liquid carrier. Soluble in aqueous base. Toxic by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption. Used as an external germicide. Used as a preservative in paints and inks.

This product is a security, efficient anti-mould antiseptic. Slightly soluble in water(4g/L), very soluble in organic solvent such as alcohols(96 percent in ethanol), ethers, ketones, etc. Freely soluble in fatty oils, and dissolves in solutions of alkali hydroxides. 


Appearance White to almost white flake 
Melting point 64-67 ºC
Content 98wt% Min
Acidity Less than 0.2ml
Related substances Qualified


 20 kg /cardboard drum with PE inner bag.

Period of validity



under shady ,dry, and sealed conditions, fire prevention.

Chlorocresol / PCMC Application

It is frequently used in personal care products, leather, metal machining liquid, concrete, film, gluewater, textile, oiled, paper, etc.

It is frequently used in personal care products.

It may be used in certain body creams or lotions and as a non-medicinal ingredient in natural health products and pharmaceuticals.

Chlorocresol is also an active ingredient in one registered pest control product which is used as a component in concrete admixtures, while the sodium salt form of chlorocresol is present in two registered pest control products.

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