Notification of arrival of imported products:Triclosan

Since the establishment of Suzhou Springchem, we have been undertaking the import and export special work of domestic factories. With the pandemic of the new crown in the past two years, in line with the full cooperation of the entire country’s epidemic prevention work, and the mission of the company’s own development in this special period , We strictly follow national requirements for 100% comprehensive disinfection and disinfection of every batch of goods imported and exported. Although we import chemical raw materials for disinfection and biocide products, for the disinfection activities of outer packaging, pallets and the entire container, There is no slack at all. For the imported raw materials, we have completed the customs clearance and release of the goods at Shanghai Port, and then immediately arranged a professional disinfection company to come to work, and finally transported to the special warehouse of the Ningbo factory for storage, which can be used with confidence.

The raw material we have imported this time is time is Triclosan (TCS). It is a broad spectrum, efficient, security and non-toxicity antibacterial. a generally acknowledged antibacterial of specially good effect. It is our one of the most popular raw material in global market.

Triclosan was used as a hospital scrub in the 1970s. Since then, it has expanded commercially and is now a common ingredient in soaps (0.10–1.00%), shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwashes, cleaning supplies, and pesticides. It is part of consumer products, including kitchen utensils, toys, bedding, socks, and trash bags. 

Triclosan can be used as antibacterial and antiseptic in the fields of curative personal care products or cosmetics, buccal disinfectant products.  


Post time: Aug-09-2021