The supervision and management of children’s cosmetics regulations

To regulate children’s cosmetics production and business operation activities, to strengthen the supervision and administration of children’s cosmetics, to ensure the safety of children to use cosmetics, according to the regulations on the supervision and administration of cosmetics and other laws and regulations, the state food and drug administration to make the children’s cosmetics regulatory provisions (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), are hereby released, and the “regulations” the implementation of relevant issues announcement is as follows:
From May 1, 2022, children’s cosmetics applying for registration or filing must be labeled in accordance with the Provisions; If the children’s cosmetics applied for registration or put on record fail to be labeled in accordance with the Provisions, the cosmetics registrant or put on record shall complete the update of product labels before May 1, 2023 to make them conform to the Provisions.
Provisions on supervision and administration of children’s cosmetics.
The term “children’s cosmetics” as mentioned in these Provisions refers to cosmetics that are suitable for children under 12 years old (including 12 years old) and have the functions of cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing and sunscreen.
Products with labels such as “applicable to the whole population” and “used by the whole family” or using trademarks, patterns, homonyms, letters, Chinese pinyin, numbers, symbols, packaging forms, etc. to indicate that the users of products include children are subject to the management of children’s cosmetics.
This regulation fully considers the characteristics of children’s skin and requires that the formula design of children’s cosmetics should follow the principle of safety first, the principle of essential efficacy and the principle of minimal formula: Cosmetics raw materials with a long history of safe use shall be selected, new raw materials still in the monitoring period shall not be used, and raw materials prepared by new technologies such as gene technology and nanotechnology shall not be used. If no substitute raw materials must be used, the reasons shall be explained, and the safety of children’s cosmetics shall be evaluated; It is not allowed to use the raw materials for the purpose of freckle whitening, acne removal, hair removal, deodorization, anti-dandruff, hair loss prevention, hair color, perm, etc., if the use of raw materials for other purposes may have the above effects, the necessity of use and the safety of children’s cosmetics should be evaluated; Children’s cosmetics should be evaluated from the safety, stability, function, compatibility and other aspects of raw materials, combined with children’s physiological characteristics, the scientific nature and necessity of raw materials, especially spices, flavors, colorants, preservatives and surfactants.

State food and drug administration

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