Activated poly sodium metasilicate (APSM)

Our company annual output of 50000 tons of instant laminate composite sodium silicate, is through the tower spray drying. Powdery, specific gravity can be adjusted according to requirements. The product is an efficient and quick-soluble phosphorus-free detergent, which is the ideal substitute of sodium tripolyphosphate. It has been widely used in washing powder, detergent, printing and dyeing auxiliaryand textile auxiliary. The products are exported to South America, Middle East, South Korea, Africa and other countries and regions.

The product features: calcium, magnesium complex capacity and sodium tripolyphosphate equal, it has softening water speed, strong ability, wide temperature range characteristics. It has good compatibility with all kinds of surfactants (especially non-ionic surfactants) and has independent decontamination ability. Soluble in water, 100ml water can dissolve more than 15g. Good performance of dirt infiltration, emulsification, suspension, anti deposition, strong PH buffer capacity. High whiteness, high effective content, easy to control, suitable for washing powder before and after. High efficiency, environmental protection, cost-effective. In production, it can significantly improve slurry fluidity, increase slurry solid content, reduce energy consumption, and significantly reduce the production cost of washing powder. Using laminate compound sodium silicate as detergent and replacing tripolyphosphate in part or in whole to produce phosphorus-free powder, its properties can meet the requirements of users.
APSM is equal to STTP in terms of calcium and magnesium complexing performance; it is highly compatible with any kinds of surface active agents (especially for non-ionic surface active agent), and stain removal capability is also satisfactory; it easily dissolves in water, 15g minimum can be dissolved in 10ml of water; APSM is capable of soakage, emulsification, suspending and anti-deposition; PH damping value is also desirable; it is high in effective content, the powder is in high whiteness, and it's suitable to be used in detergents; APSM with high performance price ratio is environment-friendly, it can improve the liquidity of pulp, increase solid content of pulp, and save energy consumption thus greatly reduces the cost of detergents; it can be used as an auxiliary agent to partly replace or completely replace STTP, and meet the demands of users.

Post time: Sep-18-2021