A Worthwhile Christmas Celebration With Our Staff And Customers

The celebration of the 2020 Christmas Festival was a great and exceptional moment filled with tremendous ecstasy and dynamism for all our company workforces.

The Christmas Fiesta, which is celebrated all over the world, is generally a season of expressing the act of generosity, love and kindness to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, and also a set aside time for a family get-together.

As for us at Suzhou Springchem International Co., Ltd., the elation and celebration of Christmas was expressed with all our workforce and customers alike.

And as one of the foremost manufacturers of daily chemical fungicides and other fine chemicals; all thanks to our ceaselessly and hardworking employees, the company proffered the act of generosity to its employees with several welfare parcels and awards.

To ensure our staff celebrated and relished the Christmas festival with their loved ones in grand style, the company thoughtfully disseminated well-packaged gift items for each worker in the company.

Over and above the packaged gifts distributed to every worker in our company, we also organized an end of the year merrymaking where we gave out awards and incentives to diverse categories of staff in the company, based on their work rate.

Just as it is our practice as a highly regarded manufacturer of chloroxylenoland other fine chemicals, the corporation's welfare activities to all staff in the company was a method of conveying the company's pleasure and delight with regards to the devotion and industriousness of the workers over the years.

Additionally, this act of kindness, sharing, and love, by the company was engendered towards motivating all the company staff to increase their diligence and productiveness in other to maintain the company's status as one of the foremost chemical fungicides manufacturers.

Merry Christmas

The employee's reactions towards the generosity and kind gesture of the company's administration was a complete expression of excitement at the display and illustration of love we showed them, which they all took pleasure in.

Furthermore, the heads of every department in the organization vowed to give their very best together with their team in upholding the standard of the company which is being one of the leading chemical fungicides and fine chemicals manufacturers.

Likewise, the employees also assured the company that they will keep up with their hard work to make sure the company's international reputation as one of the best manufacturers of chemical fungicides and fine chemicals is maintained via their commitment to their job responsibilities.

The Christmas celebration in our company was a success as everyone was pleased as they went back home with many welfare gift wraps for the celebration of Christmas.

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Post time: Jun-10-2021