2021 Kunshan China Merchants Import Goods Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference

In August 2021, Suzhou Springchem , as one of the 66 key import companies in Kunshan, will participate in the Import Goods Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference organized by Kunshan Investment Promotion Bureau.

With the spread of the Nanjing epidemic, it has spread to more than 10 large and small cities across the country. Because the source of the virus is imported goods, due to management negligence, there is no 100% elimination, resulting in a chance for the virus. Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, is now holding a meeting for the safety of the general public to require importing companies to cooperate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Our company will strictly cooperate with the deployment of epidemic prevention and control work. Achieve "all inspections to be inspected", 100% elimination, try to detect nucleic acid on the surface of the material, notify practitioners of regular nucleic acid testing, vaccinate and take personal protection. Our company has cooperated with government departments to sign relevant guarantee letters, enter import information in batches online, and save videos, photos, etc. of the killing process, and make a paper account for follow-up verification.



Post time: Aug-03-2021